• Making it easier

  • Our promise

    We make running your cars easier - less hassle for you, saving you money and time. How do we do this? Great products and service delivery; backed by powerful, accessible systems; and delivered by committed, expert people striving to make things better for you.

  • Products and Services

    Open Calculation is the flagship operating lease product that we changed the industry with 50 years ago, and it is a great indicator of the enduring, foundation philosophy of LeasePlan's products and services. We have always been - and will continue to be - committed to open, honest partnerships with customers. We deliver real transparency - you know what you pay for, you see what you are paying, you don't pay more and you don't get less. No nasty surprises and hidden costs.

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  • Systems

    LeasePlan Online is our powerful, fully integrated, web-based system provides real-time efficiency for essential fleet tasks and access to information for customers and suppliers. It is at the centre of our array of leading systems that allow for continual analysis, accountable improvement initiatives and expansive reporting.

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  • People

    Not all fleets are the same. Because of our openness and system strength, LeasePlan's expert account management and operational teams are freed from the administration that bogs down other providers. They are able to work in close partnership with you - our customer - to understand the unique challenges of your business and the priorities that will direct our fleet improvement efforts. This paves the way for us to identify and work towards fleet improvement initiatives that are right for your business. Expert analysis and improvement recommendations will be focused where you need them.