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  • Managing lease vehicles

    Cars are among the top expenses for many businesses. You can’t afford to leave anything to chance. Leasing and fleet management is what LeasePlan does, and we do it well. Our proven expertise, systems and products will help you control and reduce your fleet costs. See the links below on how we can help.


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  • Fleet car procurement

    Knowing what vehicle to buy for the job, where to buy it and when to buy it can save your business plenty. LeasePlan has serious buying power, decades of data and experience, and broad supplier networks. We will provide non-biased advice on models so you get fit for purpose lease vehicles at the best price. We also have a keen eye on your future and will be ready to transition you to new technology like EVs and hybrids when the time is right.


    Vehicle Procurement

  • Financing fleet cars

    Buy or lease? There is more than one way to finance your fleet cars, and the right choice may vary depending on why your business needs that car. LeasePlan can help you choose between finance leases, operating leases or buying outright. Here are some of the proven benefits of leasing you should know first.

    Vehicle Financing

  • Insuring lease vehicles

    LeasePlan doesn’t treat insurance as a simple add-on and not all policies are the same. Insuring your fleet can represent up to 14% of your total cost of ownership (TCO) so we take an approach that combines fleet-focused inclusions, competitive premiums and integration with your whole fleet management program.


    More on Fleet Insurance

  • LeasePlan for small fleets (SME)

    Even if your business only has a few cars, you can get great benefits from our fleet management expertise. Our SME team will make managing vehicle requirements for small businesses smooth and simple – for both employers and employees.

    With all the good stuff from LeasePlan’s corporate service, turned into quick, simple solutions that are designed to work for Australia’s small business community.


    LeasePlan SME for Small Fleets

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