• Operating lease

  • An operating lease works like a rental agreement in that you only pay for use of the vehicle.

    The lessor takes the risk on the purchase and resale of the vehicle, and it frees up your business capital that may otherwise be tied up with asset ownership.

    Tax benefits may be available where the cars are used to generate taxable income.

    Your business simply returns the vehicle at the end of the lease with no resale value risks.

    Budgeting is easier as you agree a fixed price for the term of the lease, with all essential operating costs included.

    What is an operating lease?

  • LeasePlan operating leases

    • remove asset ownership and depreciation risk
    • ensure known, fixed operating costs
    • provide cash flow certainty around a significant business expense
    • boost your balance sheets

    Benefits of an operating lease

  • Open Calculation

    For medium to large fleets looking to partner with an expert like LeasePlan to activley manage and improve fleet utilisation and costs.

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    Contract Hire

    For a business focused on fixed price certainty for their fleet requirements.

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    Operating lease options

    Operating leases are a proven ingredient in successful business planning – especially when it comes to vehicles, and especially when you partner with LeasePlan.

    There are two operating lease packages to consider – find the one that best suits your business.

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