• Fleet Optimisation

  • Optimising your fleet requires lots of data, and relevant data.

    LeasePlan provides your data, the way you need it, when you need it.

    LeasePlan has two fleet analysis tools for fleet optimisation reporting, LeasePlan Analytics and FleetReporting.

    These tools make it easier to identify opportunities to reduce your fleet costs, increase efficiency and improve driver safety.

    Fleet Analysis for Improved Vehicle Management

  • LeasePlan Analytics

    LeasePlan Analytics is part of LeasePlan Online and accessible via a user-friendly tiled interface which can be personalised according to what is most important to you.

    With access available for divisional managers, you can efficiently share fleet data and empower them to be accountable for the vehicles they manage.

  • Fleet Reporting

    • Simple and easy to use graphic Web interface
    • Exception reporting and highlighting for better fleet decisions and cost control
    • Advanced and intuitive functionality: Dashboards, drilldown, trend analysis and tailored subscriptions
    • The convenience of running reports in different formats - Excel, PDF or ActiveX
    • Industry leading fleet insights at your fingertips

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  • Fleet Management System

    See how LeasePlan Online can connect with our staff and national supplier network in real time.

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    Managing Vehicles

    Are your cars performing their best? See the fleet management tools you need.

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