• Fleet management

  • LeasePlan fleet administration

    Relinquish the burden of the day to day fleet activities, to enjoy reduced administration when outsourcing all fleet activities to LeasePlan.

    Outsourcing to LeasePlan enables digital consolidation and automated fleet management through one fully integrated technology platform, LeasePlan Online. Get real-time on your vehicles and as well as LeasePlan and suppliers.

  • Fleet reporting and analytics

    Our online reporting tools will provide you with secure, 24/7 access to a wide range of information. It will help you track performance per business unit or per vehicle. Our continuously evolving suite of Analytics reports allows you to drill down and find improvement opportunities across your business.

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    Flexible support

    LeasePlan can provide a full outsourcing solution, or build a program which is customised to your requirements. It depends on how much responsibility you want to retain, and how much you wish to transfer to us.  To make it easier, services can be switched on or off, depending on your business and individual vehicle requirements.

  • Powerful systems

    LeasePlan Online and our specialised core proceses for managing your fleet services make sure the entire lifecycle of each vehicle is captured, managed and protected. In this way, we offer full fleet management integration, which safeguards against missing and incomplete data records.

    Dedicated teams

    LeasePlan has expert teams managing core administrative functions for your fleet - like registration, tolls, infringements, FBT reporting. Plus data experts to provide you with extensive reporting. Outsourcing to us ensures smooth and compliant vehicle management, while freeing up valuable time for your people to focus on your core business.

  • LeasePlan Insurance

    Insurance can represent up to 14% of your total cost of ownership (TCO) so be sure not to treat it as a simple add-on.

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    Chain of responsibility

    Whether you’re behind the wheel, a desk, in a warehouse or on the end of spanner, everyone has obligations and responsibilities to stay CoR compliant.

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