• Maintenance and repair

  • Service, maintenance and repair

    Our vehicle maintenance services give your drivers 24 hour support, anywhere in Australia. And our expert teams and system controls will save you time and money.

    LeasePlan makes it easy to find the nearest supplier and make a booking. On arrival, you simply hand over the keys and LeasePlan handles the rest. We’ve already negotiated excellent rates with our network of service providers across the country and our team of experienced maintenance contollers will oversee and approve all work on your vehicles. Plus you can review all completed jobs at your convenience, through LeasePlan Online.

  • Discounts

    LeasePlan's volume buying means it can negotiate significant discounts from it’s extensive, national supplier network. This means you enjoy the benefits of the best possible pricing as well as consistent, convenient, quality service. 

    Supplier partners

    Fundamental to our delivery of high quality fleet management, we partner with thousands of active maintenance suppliers across the country (service centres, tyre, battery and glass outlets). We view our suppliers as essential partners to our business, and require their operations maintain high standards to ensure excellent service every time.  

  • Powerful system

    Our national supplier network and our Maintenance Control teams use LeasePlan Online to manage, track and approve all sheduled and unsceduled maintenence requirements for your vehicles. With tight governance and control,  LeasePlan Online works to manage and protect your time and money, and most importantly, ensures your vehicles are safe and roadworthy.

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    Dedicated team

    LeasePlan's experienced and professional team of over 25 Maintenance Controllers, Administrators and Technicians, evaluate all aspects of customers’ fleet maintenance and repair work; confirming the work is managed and compliant within the defined parameters. Most are fully qualified mechanics with extensive dealer and repairer experience.

  • LeasePlan Supplier Finder tool

    Find the right LeasePlan supplier for all your cars needs – fuel, servicing, repairs, windscreens, tyres – they’re all here.

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    The four fundamentals of fleet management

    There are four key fundamentals that underpin fleet safety and efficiency. Maintenance is one of them, check out our article to read about all four.

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