• Vehicle procurement

  • LeasePlan buys 20-30,000 new  vehicles a year from our supplier partners. Our buying power will help you get the best price when procuring your new business vehicles. Not just cars –  commercial vehicles too.

    With our experienced procurement team, extensive supplier partner network, and powerful technology, we provide and efficient vehicle procurement process that saves you time and money.

    Fleet pricing on new cars

  • Discounts

    Our pre-negotiated discount structures are built into LeasePlan Online for major manufacturers. This allows users to instantly create accurate quotes for consideration. Happy with the price? Accept the quote online and your order is placed with the dealership in minutes.

    Streamlined process

    Ordering a vehicle is easy with LeasePlan Online. Our ordering system instantly connects you with LeasePlan pricing models, and our national supplier network, for fast, end-to-end quote, order, and delivery processes. No time-wasting on manual processes often associated with other industry methods.

  • Powerful systems

    LeasePlan Online has built in controls to ensure purchasing decisions are controlled in line with your vehicle policies. These controls ensure no incorrect vehicle make/model or accessory/fitout selection can be made. Your authorised users will only see options that match your vehicle policies.

    Learn more about LeasePlan Online

    Dedicated team

    Our experienced, dedicated Purchasing team manages all vehicle and pricing data to ensure your vehicle quotes, orders and deliveries always reflect your requirements.

  • Find the best cars to buy

    Buying a car that is ‘fit for purpose’ is fundamental to successful fleet management. Knowing the right questions to ask will help you make the right decision. Assessing the pros and cons of switching to a hybrid or electric car is also an essential step you need to take.

    Find tips on how to choose the right vehicle

    The optimal time to replace your fleet

    As well as choosing the right vehicle, another key to successful fleet management is buying and replacing it at the right time. Different vehicles have different lifecycles and partnering with LeasePlan can help you to manage this.

    Find advice on the optimal time to replace the vehicles in your fleet