• Sustainable transport

  • Reducing your fleet footprint

    Today, most leading organisations have defined sustainability targets within in their strategies that align with their corporate social responsibility.  Fleet managers need to manage the pursuit of CO2 reduction targets, and electric vehicles are a great option to reach these goals. LeasePlan wants to help you get there.

  • Start Electric 

    The transition from combustion engines to electric vehicles is well and truly underway, and the benefits far exceed the purely environmental.

    Large fleets making the change to electric, will increase the speed of infrastructure change and overall acceptance. Large fleets are also the ones with the most to lose if the resale value of combustion engine vehicles decreases.

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  • Reducing emissions

    Today, with ever-tighter new emission regulations coming into force, we see a variety of rapid changes that could and should impact your approach to fleet management with regards to sustainability.

    See how you can adapt your fleet strategy and policy to contribute to achieving your company’s emission targets.

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