• Electric vehicles

  • Benefits of electric vehicles

    The automotive manufacturing industry has clearly decided that electric vehicles are a big part of our future with significant commitments to EVs throughout the planet.

    The benefits of transitioning from combustion engines to electric vehicles include:

  • Reduced emissions

    Our emissions are going in the wrong direction (Australian’s emissions went up last year by 0.8 percent) we need to change our mind frames and get behind the transition to electric vehicles as soon as possible, and switch to greener.

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    Reduced running costs

    The difference in cost between charging an electric vehicle and running a petrol or diesel vehicle is somewhere around 20% less for electric.  Electric cars have far fewer parts too, which makes servicing them a lot cheaper and far less frequent.

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  • Energy efficient cars available in Australia

    In Australia there hasn't been a wide range of EV models. While the last few years saw some new entrants to the market, 2022 is shaping up to have the biggest list of new models to date with 25% of new vehicles being electric. With full and hybrid electic models, a range of size, weight, torque and payload requirements, there is more choice than ever.

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    Models coming to Australia in 2022

  • EVs can do big Aussie road trips too

    Park your range anxiety. We drove an EV from Melbourne to Sydney, and it was easy. Watch the highlight video below or see the full version here.