• When will you be ready to start electric?

    Australia might be a bit behind some parts of the world when it comes to the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), but they are definitely going to become an increasing part of our auto landscape soon. 

    LeasePlan is primed to help you plan for this exciting future, getting your business ready to start adopting electric vehicles.

    Our articles and free whitepaper will help frame your business case for change, covering things like:

    • The pros and cons of fully electric cars
    • A quick comparison of some of the soon-to-be -available, popular models
    • The most common concepts of electric driving explained


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  • Ask us how we can help you transition to EVs

  •  What are the benefits for my staff?

    Here are a few reasons why more and more of your employees are likely to start asking about EVs, and why they will be a sensible inclusion in your future-focused employer branding.

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      What are the benefits for my fleet?

    There are several areas where it makes financial sense for organisations running a vehicle fleet to consider switching to PHEVs and BEVs in the future. 

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