• Sustainable Car Fleet

  • It seems almost inevitable that there will come a time when you will have to consider a strategy to incorporate at least some electric vehicles in your fleet. This will involve a very different approach to what you may be used to.

    You are not just choosing a vehicle with a different engine, you need to define how the new electric vehicles will be used and where, what maintenance and charging structures are required, how the vehicles align with overall business goals and how you are going to measure the return on investment.

    LeasePlan can provide step-by-step support for fleet managers who are looking to build a business case to transition their fleets to electric.

    Using Sustainable Cars in Your Fleet


  • More Information on Electric Vehicles

    The projections for electric vehicle sales by 2030/2040 show that more than half the world’s new vehicle sales will be electric. These projections change quickly as the cost of lithium-ion batteries drop and manufacturers increase their own projections of market supply.

    So when will electric vehicles be part of your fleet?

  • Reducing Fleet Emissions

    Reduce your CO2 emissions by as much as 40% 

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    Electric Vehicles

    Want to know the business case? Find out running costs and models available:

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