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  • Truck Lease and Equipment Lease with LeasePlan

    When you go beyond cars, we go beyond the standard: LeasePlan provides specialised leasing and management services that help you get the most from trucks and equipment in your business.


    Manufacturing and distribution services rely on trucks and equipment in their fleet to get the job done, and LeasePlan can help these essential business tools work for you, not the other way around.

    We’re the leaders in the field, successfully managing over 10,000 of these assets for customers across the country in a variety of industries.

    If you’re using trucks and equipment, you need LeasePlan’s Truck and Equipment services.

    What is Truck and Equipment?

    Any wheeled asset you put to work in your business—other than passenger cars and some light commercial vehicles—we consider Truck and Equipment.

    Think big delivery vans, mobile service units, elevated work platforms, earth moving or construction equipment, forklifts—you name it, we’ll cover it.


    Plus, we liaise directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and associated suppliers, incorporating the latest designs and industry standards in all builds.

    Ask LeasePlan how we can improve the sourcing, building, financing and aftersales support of all your T&E assets.

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    We have a specialist team of Truck and Equipment (T&E) experts ready to support all your Truck and Equipment needs. Boasting a wealth of T&E knowledge and experience in product development, purchasing and maintenance control, they’re here to provide informed advice on everything from specifications to exactly what you need for your business.

    Thanks to strong relationships with manufacturers, dealers and suppliers, our team regularly draws on expertise from across the industry to ensure that their knowledge and capability remains up to date.

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