• Vehicle Procurement

  • Fleet pricing on new cars

    As the leading fleet company in Australia, LeasePlan’s buying power is second to none. We procure more than 25,000 vehicles a year from partners, ensuring you get the best price when procuring your vehicles. Not just cars –  trucks and equipment too.

    With dedicated account managers, an experienced procurement team and powerful technology, we deliver you an efficient, simple and cost-effective vehicle procurement process.

  • Find the best cars to buy

    Buying a car that is ‘fit for purpose’ is fundamental to successful fleet management. Knowing the right questions to ask will help you make the right decision. Assessing the pros and cons of switching to a hybrid or electric car is also an essential step you need to take.

    Find tips on how to choose the right vehicle


    The optimal time to replace your fleet

    As well as choosing the right vehicle, another key to successful fleet management is buying and replacing it at the right time. Different vehicles have different lifecycles and partnering with LeasePlan can help you to manage this.

    Find advice on the optimal time to replace the vehicles in your fleet