• Carbon Offset

  • Carbon Offset

    When you novate a car with us, you can choose a Carbon Offset provision as part of your car’s salary package. When you choose Carbon Offset, we will offset approximately 4.5 tonnes a year of your car’s carbon emissions for the life of your lease.

    Everyday activities from driving a car, to powering our homes are burning fossil fuels that are contributing significantly to global warming. The credits we extinguish on your behalf are created by activities that have already reduced or destroyed harmful greenhouse gases.

  • How does a carbon credit work?

    Carbon credits are generated by activities that create renewable energy, or other activities such as energy efficiency, bio-sequestration, and methane destruction.

    SG Fleet pre-purchases our carbon credits. At the start of your lease, we extinguish credits allocated to you.  It is important to understand that when SG Fleet allocates the credits to you, we extinguish them immediately. This means two things:

    • The credits can never be used again by anyone else, ensuring your contribution is locked away for all time
    •  In the event you decide to finish the lease early, SG Fleet is unable to refund the cost of the Carbon Offset Certificate (a monthly $13.00 pre-tax provision from your novated lease package balance)



  • Ask us about opting into Carbon Offset