• Keep people safe, and business moving

    In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, LeasePlan is acting to protect the health and wellbeing of our people, while continuing to provide service to our customers.

    With Federal and State governments introducing various restrictions on business and personal travel, there will be impacts on you or your business. There will also be impacts on our supplier networks’ capacity to deliver services in near future. 

    LeasePlan will keep you and your business moving as best we can - but we can expect some challenges along the way.



  • Repairs and maintenance

    Just like us, our supplier partners are working hard to be able to provide the best possible services to you and your vehicles, albeit with some unique challenges.

    At this stage, our Australian supplier network is doing well to stay open and service vehicles for the most part. There are some examples of changing trading terms, or of a small number of outlets operating on reduced resources, or even closing. There is also the future possibility of restricted supply and access to parts and materials.

    LeasePlan is in continual dialogue with our service supplier partners to maintain an accurate register of supplier status. This will help us find an alternative for clients, if and when there is any service disruption.

    • LeasePlan’s national supplier network remains largely operational
    • If you have any issues with access to vehicle services in your area, contact LeasePlan and we will source an alternative

    Vehicle service updates

    Whenever we have updates or advice in relation to your vehicle services, you will find them here.

    • Service centres: OK – Hygiene measures, social distancing and reduced staff levels
    • Fuel: OK – Hygiene measures, social distancing and reduced staff levels
    • Tyres: OK ¬– Hygiene measures, social distancing and reduced staff levels
    • Glass: OK – Hygiene measures, social distancing and reduced staff levels
    • Roadside assistance: OK – Hygiene measures, social distancing and reduced staff levels
    • Registration: OK
    • Accident management service: OK
    • New vehicle suppliers: OK – there may be supply issues on certain make/model due to global manufacturing shutdowns
  • Health and safety – supplier network

    When providing any vehicle servicing, new vehicle deliveries or any type of client interactions, we expect all LeasePlan suppliers will follow the advice from Government and health authorities and help stop the spread.

    For example, adopting high-level hygiene and safety protocols to provide clean, safe, contactless transactions as much as possible, and observing social distancing recommendations. Also, providing clear communications to staff and clients about adhering to these protocols.

    Examples include:

    • Use of disposable nitrile gloves when handling client vehicles
    • Disinfecting all parts of the vehicle (interior and exterior) before and after service
    • Regular hand washing and use of hand sanitiser
    • Avoiding handshakes and physical contact
    • Observing the minimum 1.5 metre social distancing guide
    • Regularly disinfecting shared surfaces or objects (reception desks, hand rails and door handles)


    Continuity of service

    LeasePlan took the preventative step of moving our staff to work from home (WFH) arrangements on 16 March, and we have proven that an acceptable level of service, with minimum degradation, is maintained.

    • We have IT business continuity teams to enable and support staff working from home, and we continue to learn about and improve our capacity to operate with a remote workforce.
    • We have provided additional virtual meeting options for customer-facing employees to maintain safe and productive working relationships.
    • LeasePlan's Global Emergency Response Plan has been in place since February. LeasePlan ANZ has a dedicated COVID-19 Response Team that meets daily to manage and monitor our response, and it has proactively activated stages of the global response plan.
    • There are no reportable COVID-19 affected cases within our teams so far.
  • Health and safety - LeasePlan

    This 'work-from-home' change is in addition to other preventative measures we have taken to protect the health and wellbeing of our people. These include (but are not limited to):

    • Regular employee communications to keep our people safe, informed and prepared
    • Global and domestic airline travel ban for business purposes
    • Quarantine procedures invoked for any employee returning from an international location, presenting with symptoms, reporting contact with someone who has or is suspected of having COVID-19
    • Suspension of office visits to or from clients and suppliers
    • Replacing face-to-face meetings with virtual meeting options
    • Ban on attendance at any public events / gatherings
    • Adherence to Government directives (Federal and Local)
  • Here to help

    If you have any questions or need to get in touch with the teams at LeasePlan, please reach out.

    We ask for your patience and understanding if it takes us a little longer to respond in these circumstances.