• Sell your novated car with Pickles

  • Looking for an easy way to sell your car?

    Selling your car privately might be the best way to chase the highest sale price, but maybe you want to avoid the hassle? Not everyone is keen to spend time to get the car ready for sale, book your nights and weekends for strangers to visit your home and test drive the car, and cover the finance payout between the end of the lease and the sale.

    There are easier options to sell your novated car - through Pickles. And they will pay out your finance amount, and transfer additional profit directly to you. 

    • Sell directly to Pickles, all online with their DIY app, guaranteed price, contactless tranasction, fee-free.
    • Sell on consignment, with pre-agreed reserve prices and fees, sold via weekly auctions or fixed-price sales channels.


    Available in any location, Australia-wide. Want to get your car valued with price guarantees, sight unseen? 

  • Sell on consignment, via Pickles sales channels.

    Get a valuation, agree the reserve, let Pickles do the selling for you.

    1. Fill in the form
      There are a number of fields that are required including odometer and VIN etc.
    2. Pickles will contact
      Your local branch will be in touch within 72 hours. 
    3. Auction or fixed price sale
      Your vehicle will be lotted into the next auction, or sold via fixed-price option


    Eligible vehicles

    • Pickles can value vehicles sight unseen if your vehicle is less than 8 years old or has any form of finance owing regardless of the age
    • If your car is 8 years or older, we will need to perform an inspection on your vehicle to advise our estimates.


    Find out more here.

    Sell direct to Pickles with DIY Inspect

    Contactless, online, no fees, price guarantee. 

    1. Download the DIYinspect app
      Download the app and enter promo code LEASEPLAN when asked 'How did you hear about DIY Inspect?'
    2. Submit your car for inspection
      Use the app to upload photos and enter your car details
    3. Receive valuation and offer
      Pickles will review your car and give you a guaranteed buy price
    4. Car collection
      Car collection is free within 30km of the nearest Pickles branch
    5. You’ll receive your payment
      Get paid within 48 hours of your car being collected


    Eligibile vehicles

    • Less than 8 years old
    • Have travelled less than 150,000 kilometres, we can buy it using DIY Inspect.

    Find out more here.