• Sell your novated car with Trade Advantage

  • Trade Advantage - an easier way to sell your car

    Selling your car privately might be the best way to chase the highest sale price, but maybe you want to avoid the hassle?

    Not everyone is keen to spend time getting their car ready for sale, spending nights and weekends at home waiting for strangers to visit and test drive the car, and finding ways to cover the finance payout between the end of the lease and the sale.

    Thanks to our new owners, SG Fleet, you can now access an easier way to sell your novated car - through Trade Advantage.

  • How does it work?

    1. Complete a quick appraisal form and send us a photo or two of the car using your phone
    2. Trade Advantage will respond with a fair price offer within 1 business day, and you have 30 days to decide yes or no
    3. If yes, we'll arrange pick up and pay direct in to your nominated bank account


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