• Steps to get a novated lease

  • Find details on the 5 steps to getting your new car

    1. Does the boss say it's OK?
    2. Find your new wheels
    3. See the savings
    4. Get your car
    5. Hit the road

    Getting a novated lease with LeasePlan

  • 1.

    Does the boss say it's OK?

    Any full-time employee in Australia can take out a LeasePlan novated lease, subject to that individual’s employer salary packaging policy. 

    In order for you to get a novated lease with LeasePlan, you need to check that you are eligible under your work's policies and that your employer has a current agreement in place with LeasePlan so they are all set up to make the salary sacrifice deductions for you. 

    Unsure about agreements and eligibility?



    Find your new wheels

    Choosing your next new car is the fun bit. Visit your local dealers, have some test drives, surf the web. Learn about your favourite colours, options and features. Get an idea of what will be best for you.
    Here's a couple of tips to help you find the right new car for you. 
    • Novated Lease Calculator
      It just has indicative prices, but it has most makes and models. Try our online calculator to compare different cars.
    • Expert reviews
      Motoring expert Andrew Maclean has written reviews of some recently released makes and models . They might help you choose.
    • Leasing a used car 
      LeasePlan is one of the few lease providers to allow you to novate a second-hand vehicle.  If you're looking for a second-hand lease, check out our page for all the info before you buy.


    See the savings

    Now you have an idea of what sort of car you want, you want to know if you can afford it and what impact it will have on your salary. We'll create and compare some accurate quotes with live LeasePlan pricing, compare different vehicles and lease terms and help you see what is best. 
    LeasePlan has lots of friendly novated experts ready to help you, or you can use LeasePlan Online and create your own quotes.
    You provide your annual salary and an estimation of the kilometres you are likely to drive each year and we'll provide your quotes and an analysis of what it might mean to your take home pay.
    Register with LeasePlan Online to start exploring on your own (you will need your company's customer number and your work email address) or if you'd like us to do the exploring and explaining for you, give us a call on 132 572.


    Get your car

    Chosen your new car? Let's order it for you. Here's what we'll do:
    • Credit application
      We'll walk you through this simple process, or you can go ahead and do it yourself online.

    • Lease agreement
      When your credit is approved, we'll send you some essential forms to sign and return. Then we'll get your new car ready.
      View the Lease Agreement Standard Terms on LeasePlan Online

    • New car delivery
      Your new car is ready. Your fuel cards will be in the glovebox and the LeasePlan dealer will offer a personalised new car induction when you pick it up.


    Hit the road

    We work with your payroll department to start deductions that cover the finance and all your car's running costs - GST free. Convenient, cashless driving is all yours.
  • My LeasePlan - an app for drivers

    Once you're on the road, download the My LeasePlan driver app and have easy access to all the services included in your lease.

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    Novated Leasing FAQs

    Have a question about Novated Leasing? Review our Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers to common questions from drivers.

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  • Choose your car

    Try our online calculator! This completely open tool helps you get a better understanding of how it works and why it can save you money.