• Leasing Used Cars

  • LeasePlan has an extensive new car supplier network around Australia. We have negotiated healthy discounts on most make/models and our quotes will reflect these discounts.

    However, even with these great discounts, we know that the cost of a new car is sometimes not practical for all drivers. That's why LeasePlan is one of the few lease providers to allow you to novate a second-hand vehicle. 

    Want a more affordable way to enjoy the benefits of leasing?

  • Trade-ins

    If you trade-in your current vehicle against your new vehicle, the purchase of the new vehicle and the trade-in will be treated as separate transactions with the proceeds of any surplus on the trade-in paid by the dealer to you, and the sale of the new vehicle being made directly to LeasePlan.

    Second-hand cars

    There are some conditions attached to leasing second hand cars:
    1. The vehicle will be financed at its assessed market value
    2. Your car is no more than 8 years old at the end of the term
    3. Your car has no more than 300,000kms on the odometer at the end of the term
  • New cars

    If you'd like a car without the conditions a second-hand car has, you can lease a new car.
    Get the most out of our pre-negotiated discounts with suppliers.
    You might do your own exploring and source your own pricing. If you do, please makes sure you do not sign or commit to anything until LeasePlan is able to confirm that you can lease that vehicle.
    • Get a detailed quote and provide it to LeasePlan.