e-bike Salary Packaging

    LeasePlan’s partnership with e-stralian makes it easy for you to salary package an e-bike.


  • Salary Package an e-bike with LeasePlan

    Swap the stress of commuter traffic for fresh air and exercise with a salary packaged e-bike with LeasePlan through our partners e-stralian. Choose your bike and let our SalaryPlan team set up your salary packaging arrangements.

  • What is an e-bike?

    e-bikes (electric bikes) come in all shapes and sizes – folding bikes, commuter bikes, classic style bikes and more.

    The term refers to any bicycle that has an electric motor to propel the bike forward. To be legal in Australia e-bikes need to be less than 250 watts and have a Pedalec system.

    A Pedalec system is where the rider must pedal to propel the bike, sharing the workload with the electric motor, rather than it functioning like a motorbike.

  • Packaging an e-bike

  • How to get an e-bike:

    1. Browse the e-stralian website for information on bikes
    2. Complete the form below
    3. e-stralian will be in contact and support you through the process
    4. Finalise your choice on e-bike and package
    5. e-stralian confirm pick up
    6. SalaryPlan pays for the bike and sets up your salry deductions
    7. Enjoy the ride

    What's included:

    • Premium e-bike of your choice
    • Pay with pre-tax salary
    • Reassurance that all bikes are compliant with Australian laws
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • Insurance
    • Locks
    • Make an e-bike enquiry

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