• Partnering with experts is a good strategy

    Wondering whether to lease or buy cars for your business, and whether it’s better to manage your own fleet or get someone to do it for you? Cars are among the top expenses most businesses have. Don’t leave anything to chance. Outsourcing the leasing and management of your business cars to proven experts is a smart option. Remove asset ownership and depreciation risk; ensure known, fixed operating costs; have cash flow certainty with this significant business expense and boost your balance sheets. Still not sure if you should lease or buy?

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  • Why partner with LeasePlan

    Vehicle leasing and fleet management is what LeasePlan does. We do it well. Our proven expertise, systems and products will help you control and reduce your fleet costs. We are partners that make it easier to improve the management of your fleet - and we don't just spread the administrative load. We manage over 90,000 vehicles across the country for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and our customer retention rate is the highest in the industry.

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  • Real value for money

    Our operating lease products are the best way to control and save costs for your business cars and minimise your risk. If you want to know exactly what you’re paying for, and don’t want to get stung, take the time to explore LeasePlan's operating lease options. A lot of fleet providers boast about their transparency - compare their offers to ours to see if their claims stand the test. Cost of funds and fees must be competitive, but dig a little deeper to see if you truly have a good deal. Take the time to check for nasty hidden surprises and extra costs.

    Know the real numbers

  • Powerful systems

    LeasePlan Online adds plenty of power to your business. It’s the industry-leading leasing system that combines your specific fleet rules with our specific product and service delivery rules. Any time web access connects you, your staff, our staff, our suppliers and allows for real time processing of all your fleet administration requirements - faster and more accurately than any other. It extends to an app, a Pool Car Management system and detailed reporting. While you may feel like you are just on the web, in the background there is plenty going on. Real-time, all-the-time fleet management support. No delays, less effort, more reliability, fewer costs. All part of the service.

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  • Valuable partnerships

    Not all fleets are the same. Because of LeasePlan's openness and system strength, our expert people are freed from the administration that bogs down other providers. They will work in partnership with you to understand your business and its priorities. We will identify and work towards the improvement initiatives that are right for your business. Get the support your business fleet needs as well as expertise focused where you need it. 

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