Aggressive behaviour on the road can be fatal

Don't let aggression behind the wheel threaten your safety on the road.

According to global research from LeasePlan,  Australians are exposed to higher levels of aggression on the road than the global average based on the 4,869 drivers surveyed from 22 countries around the world.

The most aggressive behaviours Australian motorists experience while driving are being cut off (81 per cent), tailgating (77 per cent) and other drivers driving too fast (68 per cent).

Among the most threatening behaviours experienced on Australian roads were aggressive gestures (60 per cent) and verbal aggression (41 per cent).

There is US research that shows aggressive driving is associated with more risk-taking behaviour on the road and is blamed for more than half of all fatal crashes.

LeasePlan Australia’s Commercial Director, Greg Maimur, said this was significant

“The consequences of aggression on the roads can be devastating,” said Mr Maimur. “LeasePlan urges all Australian drivers to take heed of the statistics and stay calm on our roads, for everyone’s sake and safety.

“Drivers should be mindful of their behaviour, the risk they pose to themselves and families, and to other drivers and their families - no-one wants an aggressive altercation.” 

Respondents nominated driving too slowly (20 per cent) and the use of mobile phones (20 per cent) as the most irritating driving behaviours encountered on Australian roads.

The data for the research was collected from 4,869 respondents across Europe, Australia, the USA, and India.


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