The secret to a successful novated leasing program: Be clear on your staff benefits

Providing your staff with access to novated vehicle leasing and salary packaging will make you a very popular employer – as long as you get it right.

There are some important things you need to look out for to make sure your staff truly benefit. You want to be sure that any partner you select provides great services to your staff with no hidden extras (this is something you really need to keep top of mind), and delivers the services without causing you any headaches.

Start with this simple checklist. Be confident that you:

  • Know there are no unwanted or unnecessary warranties or insurance products included
  • Know the true interest rate that is applied to all leases
  • Know all the applicable fees
  • Know that real discounts on cars and running costs are included
  • Know the staff and systems available to support your program

There are lots more details involved in implementing a successful novated benefits program but this is great place to start.

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