Driver assistance technology is increasing safety for all road users

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is a collective name for the semi-autonomous features fitted to a growing number of cars to alert drivers to potential hazards or to avoid collisions by implementing safeguards.

It’s a set of technologies with proven safety and insurance cost benefits, the more advanced systems including windscreen-mounted cameras for detailed monitoring of traffic conditions and lane markings ahead.

By having a radar, camera and computer all working together the system is able to identify the movements of pedestrians and cyclists. There are two stages to the warning process once the system detects an anomaly. The first stage alerts the driver with a warning light. The warning is retracted if the driver reacts in time. In cases where the warning is ignored or not acted upon quickly enough the system is capable of engaging full brake pressure in an effort to avoid an incident.

While the system does not guarantee the avoidance of all accidents, it can at least attempt to alleviate human error. It is noteworthy to mention that thses systems do face limitations, including maximum effective speeds and requiring clear weather during the day to function effectively.

These technologies are important to consider when choosing which vehicle to lease as they affect the safety of both the driver and the surrounding environment. It is also something motorists operating in areas with large amounts of foot traffic such as central business districts may want to consider.



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