Three things that will help you improve the fuel efficiency of your car

Car manufacturers are constantly dreaming up new ways to improve the running of their cars, from new engine technology to a new aerodynamic designs. However, one thing that hasn't changed is the importance of driver behaviour. 

After all, drivers are the ones behind the wheel, making them the most important ingredient in effectively managing efficiency. Failing to address these issues will only increase the expenses that come with the car. 

To help lower these costs, here are a few common mistakes that drivers make.

Accelerating too quickly

It takes far more fuel to accelerate than it does to maintain a steady speed. If you are flooring the accelerator every time you take off from a traffic light, this will easily add to your overall fuel costs. Ensuring that these practices are avoided can be an easy way to avoid these expenses.

Long idle times

Time spent with the engine running idly can easily add to your overall fuel use. Modern stop-start technology can prevent some of these costs, but not all of them. 

Not properly maintaining vehicles

Engine wear can increase the amount of fuel used, with clean well-maintained engines also cheaper to run. For a large number of vehicles, these costs will quickly escalate, increasing the importance of a proper maintenance system.

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