• How to get a novated lease

  • Novated with LeasePlan

    A novated lease with LeasePlan means easy motoring, saving you money and time. 

    We don't mind what car you choose as we are independent of manufacturers. We also have serious buying power, and that helps us get great prices on any car for you. We don't like to hide anything - you know what you pay for, you see what you are paying, you don't pay more and you don't get less. No nasty surprises and hidden costs. Plus we have committed, expert people to help you every step of the way; great products and service delivery; backed by powerful, accessible systems. 

    Watch the video to learn how you can get one.

  • With you every step

    LeasePlan's Novated Leasing Consultants will guide you through every step to make sure you understand the credit application and the few other bits and pieces we'll need to start your lease. Then we will confirm your car's delivery details and set a date for you to get your new car.

    We make it easy, get a novated lease in five steps.

    See the 5 Steps

  • Employer agreement

    In order for you to get a novated lease with LeasePlan, we need an agreement in place with your employer. It’s a simple arrangement allowing us to make salary sacrifice deductions for you.

    Not sure if your employer has an agreement? Use our Confirm Your Employer tool to find out.

    Confirm your employer

  • Choose your car

    You can then choose any new car, and you may even be able to select a used car. Choose the car you like and get some quotes from LeasePlan to see if it is affordable and what the best lease terms might be for you. We can help with a salary analysis to clearly understand how each option will impact your take-home pay, and our lease quotes clearly list every cost item.

    Select your car

  • Interest Rates

    Management Fees

    Vehicle purchase price

    Any unnecessary fees
    (extended warranties,
    car care, etc.)

    Your car's
    residual value

    Any end of lease
    costs and charges

    Look before you leap

    Before you make any decision on any novated lease, LeasePlan makes sure you’re certain about the ins and outs, including:

    • Interest rates
    • Management Fees
    • Fees for things you don't need 
    • Your car’s residual value
    • Any end of lease costs and charges

    We have a handy Novated Quote Comparison Guide that provides a checklist of each of the things you should know when comparing novated quotes from different providers.

    Quote comparison guide

  • Steps to get a novated lease

    • Choose a car
    • Get a quote
    • Order your car
    • Hit the road

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    Savings with a novated lease

    Get a great price on a new car of your choice, pay less income tax, get GST free vehicle running costs and save plenty with LeasePlan’s pre-negotiated discounts.


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  • On the road

    Once you’re in your new car, your salary deductions will commence via your employer’s payroll. You can use the My LeasePlan driver app for easy access to all the help you need and management of all the services included in your lease. We’ll send you detailed monthly reports to make sure you know how you’re tracking - no surprises.

    Let's make it easier