• Add up the savings

  • Novated lease benefits

  • Less income tax 

    When you package your car with LeasePlan, payments are made from your salary before tax is taken out; reducing your taxable income and the amount of tax you pay. You are being tax-effective and getting more out of your salary. 

    If you do it yourself, you earn a salary, pay income tax, and then use what’s left to pay the car finance and operating costs. So even if you could get the same car at the same cost, it would leave you with less in your take home pay compared to packaging with LeasePlan. 


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  • No GST 

    A novated lease is yours GST free. You pay no GST on the vehicle purchase price, on fuel or on service and repair costs. Pay at least 10% less than other drivers, just like that. 
    The car and operating costs do attract GST, but LeasePlan claims the input credits before it gets to you. 
  • Discounts 

    LeasePlan manages thousands of cars around the country . We negotiate volume discounts from our extensive, national supplier network - and you get the benefit. Purchase price, servicing, repairs, tyres, glass, batteries and labour. 
    Choose a car and let us source the best price. When you’re driving, just drop your car at one of our supplier partners and pick it up when it’s ready – all at our agreed prices. 

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    FBT, ECM, and electric vehicles

    Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) applies to novated lease vehicles. It is applied at the same rate for all, regardless of kilometres travelled. Except for electric vehicles (EVs) eligible for FBT exemption.
    LeasePlan uses the Employee Contribution Method (ECM) on novated leases where FBT applies.
    With ECM, a portion of the vehicle lease cost is deducted as an ‘employee contribution’ from post-tax salary, effectively eliminating the FBT and improving the tax effectiveness of the arrangement.
    Reducing or eliminating the FBT lowers the overall packaging cost and increases the employee’s disposable income.
    For eligible electric vehicles, your lease can be FBT free, but the vehicle lease is still a reportable fringe benefit.

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  • So easy

    Talk about convenience. We do all the negotiating of prices for you, we oversee all maintenance and repairs on your car and we’ve already found all the best suppliers. 
    Everything is covered in your salary deductions and you enjoy the perks of a professionally managed car. 
    Never open your wallet for driving costs, no bill shock at registration or insurance renewal time, and regular reporting that lets you keep track of everything. 
  • Transparent pricing

    You’ll get the best deal with LeasePlan - no hidden charges. We have a team of experts available and their only job is to assist you with quotes, help you assess your options, and provide answers to your questions whenever you need.

    You also have LeasePlan Online a click away where you can create immediate quotes, compare and decide in your own time - if that’s what you prefer. 

    LeasePlan also strongly recommends you seek independent financial advice before you make your final decision.

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  • See how novated leasing works

    Novated is a car lease that your employer pays for out of your pre-tax salary.
    Simply choose the car you want, pay less tax and enjoy cashless driving.

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    How to get a novated lease

    Choose your car, order it then hit the road. It really is that easy and LeasePlan will help with every step. From understanding the application to getting your car to support on the road

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  • See the numbers

    You can ask us for help or you can get yourself a better understanding of how it works and why it can save you money with our online calculator.