Follow the prompts to complete your Online FBT Declaration. You are expected to enter an accurate odometer reading as at 31 March 2021.

  • For days unavailable you must be able to identify the location the vehicle is garaged and who is in possession of the keys for the vehicle. You must also provide   contact   details for the person/s who is able to confirm the unavailability of your vehicle.
  • If the vehicle was stored at your residential address, LeasePlan will not be able to accept your unavailable days according to ATO guidelines.
  • For personal contributions you must provide copies of the tax invoice receipts for the items being claimed. If you are unable to provide LeasePlan with these receipts your contributions claimed cannot be included in your FBT calculation.


  • A day unavailable is a whole twenty four (24) hour period and does not include the day the vehicle is dropped off or the day the vehicle is picked up.
  • The vehicle must not be available for private use.
  • The vehicle must be garaged at the place of business of your employer.
  • Keys must be left with the employer – the employer must control all access to the vehicle (your employer may be asked to validate your claim).
  • Smash repair and maintenance that meets the whole 24 hour period are claimable as the vehicle is deemed unroadworthy and cannot be driven.

Contributions to the operation of the leased car paid for out of your own pocket in after-tax dollars during the FBT year can be claimed as part of your FBT declaration. These contributions must not have been claimed from LeasePlan or your employer. This does not include post tax amounts deducted via payroll.


Date *
Empty 'End date' values will use the 'Start date' values.
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E.g., 18-06-2021
Can not be earlier than 1st April 2020 or later than 31st March 2021.
Provide details of why the car was unavailable.
Where was the car garaged during days unavailable.
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