• Vehicle leasing products

  • Our people have the expertise to give you the answers that are right for your business. And we back them up with great products and service delivery, plus powerful, accessible systems.

    When you need us, we’re here—and when you don’t, you can trust that everything is running smoothly in the background.

    LeasePlan offers a variety of products to help your business and your staff with vehicle leasing, fleet management and salary packaging.

  • Business leases

    Our full service vehicle leasing gives you more assured cost control and more valuable capital available to your business, plus the benefits of professional fleet consultancy, specialised vehicle management systems, detailed reporting, and profit sharing options.

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    Novated leases

    Position your organisation as an employer of choice by providing your staff with a better way to get a new car. Employees can enjoy instant tax benefits by salary packaging a car of their choice (new or used), while employers can offer popular rewards without any additional costs, risks or admin.

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  • SalaryPlan

    It's easy to provide a great salary packaging program with SalaryPlan - a comprehensive administration service, offered by LeasePlan. We help reduce the burden for the employer, and the annual tax bill for the employee.

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    Commercial Vehicles

    When you go beyond cars, we go beyond the standard. LeasePlan provides specialised leasing and management services that help you get the most from trucks and equipment in your business.

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  • Insurance

    We have you covered from every angle. LeasePlan can provide comprehensive insurance with excellent cover as well as accident management and roadside assistance support.

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    Sale and Leaseback

    If you are funding your own fleet, that's a lot of valuable capital sitting in your car park. We can give you an instant cash injection by purchasing your existing cars, freeing up that money so you can use it to run your business. 

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  • Bookingintelligence

    Booking shared business resources and pool cars in different systems, spreadsheets and email? Manage them all in one place, with the Bookingintelligence online tool.

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    LeasePlan Telematics lets you monitor your fleet and make sure that vehicles are in the right places and the right times. Accurate, real-time data will help keep your drivers safe, improve your fleet’s efficiency and save you money.

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  • DingGo

    DingGo is a simple online platform that gives fleet managers an easier way to connect with independent repairers and manage minor repairs, saving time and stress.

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    Trade Advantage

    Selling your car privately can lead to the highest sale price, but maybe you want to avoid the hassle? Trade Advantage provides an easier way to sell your novated car.

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  • LeasePlan Fleet Services

    Further to the wide range of products, our expert team, backed by powerful systems, offers full fleet management services.

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