• Business leases

  • Our core business is essential leasing and management services. LeasePlan purchases, funds and manages vehicles for its customers, providing a complete end-to-end service. 

    With expert fleet consultants, dedicated account managers, and powerful technology, we make managing your vehicles efficient, simple and cost-effective.

    Vehicle leasing and fleet management

  •   Fleet management

    For most businesses, cars are one of the biggest expenses. Fleet management, through a combination of fundamental principles and strategic decisions, can control and reduce these expenses. Leverage our proven expertise, systems and products to ensure your fleet costs are kept to a minimum.

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      Financing vehicles and leasing

    It’s important to consider the big picture and think beyond the initial purchase or lease price in order to run your fleet cost-effectively. Review your vehicle financing options to find what will deliver the best return on investment for your business over the longer term.

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  •   Small fleets

    Simple solutions designed for Australia’s small business community. Find straightforward packages that help with cash flow and remove administration burdens like allocating fuel bills, budgeting for tyres and maintenance, and organising repairs.

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  • Different fleets, different solutions

    There are different ways to finance your fleet, you can buy vehicles outright and manage them yourself or opt for a leasing to provide you with more time and resources to focus on your core business. Below is an overview of the different financing options. LeasePlan is dedicated to helping you find the right solution for your company’s fleet strategy and budget.


  • LeasePlan fleet services

    Vehicle leasing and fleet management is what LeasePlan does, and we do it well. See the services we offer to understand how an expert focus on the essentials of fleet management and how it will make your business better.

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    The optimal time to replace your fleet

    As well as choosing the right vehicle, another key to successful fleet management is buying and replacing it at the right time. Different vehicles have different lifecycles and partnering with LeasePlan can help you to manage this.

    Find advice on the optimal time to replace the vehicles in your fleet