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    A novated lease with LeasePlan is a great way for employees to enjoy a new car. It's cheaper, more tax effective, and saves plenty of time and effort. But employee gain shouldn’t mean an increase in headaches for the employer. That’s why our novated lease programs provide your staff with real benefits, through a partnership that you can trust and rely on,  without increasing your workload.

    Great benefits, made simple.


  • LeasePlan's CarPlan novated leasing products are built on transparency. We don't hide any unnecessary fees, costs and charges. We make sure every cost element - including interest rate - is detailed in our quotes, and explained to your employees, then we provide regular reporting throughout the lease.

    Novated benefits with CarPlan

    • Transparent with all costs disclosed in quotes
    • Prenegotiated discounts on new cars
    • New and used vehicles can be leased
    • Create and compare real quotes, online, yourself

    LeasePlan's CarPlan 

  • Employees can choose to offer additional options for employees in their employee benefits programs, including:

    LeasePlan Early Return Guarantee:
    If your employment ceases for any reason, you can pay a single, GST-inclusive $110 fee to return your car and terminate your lease. Premium peace of mind, built-in.*

    LeasePlan Involuntary Redundancy:
    If you are made redundant involuntarily, you can have a 3-month lease free period to help you while you find a new job. Premium protection, built-in.*


    *Terms and conditions apply

    CarPlan add-on options

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