• Sale and leaseback

  • Our sale and lease back offer is exactly as it sounds - you sell your existing fleet to us, freeing up the capital locked in your vehicles, and we lease them back to you. 

    By doing this, you not only get an instant cash injection into your business but you'll also reduce the cost of running your fleet. You'll not only enjoy our pre-negotiated discounts with suppliers for things like tyres, fuel and maintenance but our fleet management services will optimise your fleet for even greater returns.

    Free up the capital in your car park

  • Leasing Benefits

    Our pre-negotiated discount structures are built into LeasePlan Online for all of our suppliers. This allows drivers to simply drop the car off worry-free and there will be no surprises for the fleet manager.

    Proven Process

    Getting an accurate price for your fleet is all part of our service. Our access to vehicle data, both industry-wide and across our entire portfolio, provides precise information to accurately value your fleet. We can then ensure both your cash sale and rental prices are exactly right and you can be confident about the value of leasing.

  • Powerful System

    LeasePlan Online has built in controls to ensure everything is done in-line with your vehicle policy. Full reporting will help you keep track of your vehicles in real-time and access for drivers ensures every aspect of your fleet is recorded in one place.

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    Dedicated Team

    We take the burdern out of managing your fleet with an expert team. Whether its getting strategic direction on model choice and replacement cycles or simply saving time on fuel bill allocation and booking repairs, we have a dedicated  team to ensure everything is running smoothly.


  • Ask us how much capital you have in your car park

  • Lease vs Buy

    Many businesses debate whether to lease or buy their cars. Where financial stability and minimising exposure to loss is important, leasing is a very popular business strategy.

    See how leasing and buying stack up

    You have better things to do with your money

    Get an instant cash injection into your business by converting your vehicles from finance to leasing, plus enjoy all the benefits that leasing has to offer your business.

    Find out how much cash is in your car park