• Salary packaging

  • What is salary packaging?

    Salary packaging, or salary sacrifice, is a way of receiving benefits by way of a pre-tax salary payment. This includes items such as cars, devices and tools.  

    The benefit of paying for these items with a pre-tax deduction is that you only get taxed on the income received after the cost salary packaged items is deducted. This in turn lowers your taxable income meaning you pay less tax.

  • What can you package?

    SalaryPlan can help package anything your employer policies allow.

    Novated lease vehicles are one of the most popular salary packaging items we manage. But laptops, personal electronic devices and other employment related expenses can also be packaged.

    With a LeasePlan novated vehicle lease, your package includes everything your car will need. This means that costs such as maintenance and repairs, tyres, registration and fuel, are bundled in to one monthly payment.


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    *Salary packaging arrangements are subject to your employer's policies and approval

  • How to get a novated lease

    Choose your car, order it then hit the road. It really is that easy and LeasePlan will help with every step. From understanding the application to getting your car to support on the road

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    See how novated leasing works

    Novated is a car lease that your employer pays for out of your pre-tax salary.
    Simply choose the car you want, pay less tax and enjoy cashless driving.

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  • See the numbers

    You can ask us for help or you can get yourself a better understanding of how it works and why it can save you money with our online calculator.