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    Using LeasePlan Online for instant car leasing quotes



    • Interest rate applied to your lease
    • Monthly lease payment amount
    • Services included in lease payment
    • Vehicle purchase price
    • Vehicle options included
    • Tax information including Input Tax Credit, GST, FBT base value
    • Monthly budgets for running costs, including; fuel, registration, insurance, tyres and maintenance
    • Pre and Post Tax salary deductions


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    What you’ll find in the quote

    Your LeasePlan quote gives you all the details of your selected vehicle and lease term. It shows all the calculations, including discounts and GST savings, to help you understand your options and make the right choice.

  • Accepting the quote to order a vehicle

    To proceed to order the vehicle, you can do so with the click of a button on the ‘My Quotes’ page in LeasePlan Online or call a Novated Leasing consultant on 132 572 and provide them with your Quote ID. Note that a quote is valid for 10 days.

    The next steps are:

    1. Complete a credit application
    2. Sign the novation agreements
    3. LeasePlan source and deliver your car


    How to get a novated lease

  • Access to novated leases
    Check if your employer offers LeasePlan novated leases with the Confirm Employer form.

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