• My LeasePlan

  • My LeasePlan - an app for drivers

    My LeasePlan is an app that supports LeasePlan drivers on the road. It provides mobile access to key information and tools specific to a driver and their car. LeasePlan drivers can start using it straight away, logging on with their LeasePlan Online user details. Available in iOS and Android, follow these links to download now.



  • App features

    My LeasePlan gives you a direct link to LeasePlan, it highlights key details for the car(s) you drive and helps you find and contact suppliers that match the services included in your lease agreement.
    With My LeasePlan you can:
    • Easily cancel lost or damaged fuel cards, and order replacements
    • Send requests, questions or feedback to LeasePlan
    • See all the services included in your lease contract
    • Find suppliers nearest you that match your car and services
    • View your essential contract details and dates
    • View your last service and next scheduled service
    • Make quick calls to roadside assistance and accident management services
    • Use the free logbook for easy trip recording for FBT Operating Cost Method
    • Link with LeasePlan Telematics for automatic trip recording, and simpler FBT reporting
  • Start using the app

    • Logon with your LeasePlan Online user name and password
    • Forgotten or need to re-register? Visit LeasePlan Online
    • Fleet or company car drivers will have user details supplied as agreed by their employer and LeasePlan

    Company car drivers

    Fleet and company car drivers can use My LeasePlan just like novated drivers. They can use it to find services linked to their company fleet vehicles, or enter logbook records. LeasePlan Customer Relationship Managers will help organisations to set up their fleet drivers' access.