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  • Why novated works

    Australians love their cars and they love to save money. That's why Australian employees love novated leasing.

    Novated leasing will help your staff save lots of money on a new car . It’s a simple way to boost your organisation’s employee benefits and ensure you keep your best talent engaged by giving them what they want. Employees at almost all salary levels can choose their favourite car, save on the running costs and reduce their income tax. Learn more about the benefits.

  • Before you choose

    Before you choose the right partner to offer your staff this popular benefit, consider the top 7 qualities of a novated lease provider.

    Now learn how to choose

  • Novated with LeasePlan

    With LeasePlan it’s easy to include novated leasing in your staff benefits program. Get products and services that guarantee a real staff benefit without the tricks and added costs. LeasePlan is a credible partner for your business that will take good care of your valued staff without increasing your workload.

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  • While your staff will enjoy salary packaging benefits, the administration can be overwhelming. Leave this additional work to SalaryPlan, the ultimate in hassle-free payroll deduction management. LeasePlan's novated leasing plus SalaryPlan means an emplyee benefits program you can rely on, not one that relies on you.