• Novated services

  • What LeasePlan offers

    LeasePlan helps your staff enjoy a great benefit without extra headaches for you. Our team of Novated Leasing Consultants will help your staff at every stage. They are not there to make commissions and bonuses from your staff – just to support them. Your eligible staff will have access to leading online tools to research, quote and compare lease options. And they’ll enjoy easy access and service from an extensive national supplier network when they are on the road. Your dedicated Account Development Manager will help you select from our product options, shape your policies, promote your program and track its performance. Your employees are in good hands. LeasePlan will never hide or add unnecessary fees, costs and charges, and our financial strength ensures the agreements are secure and reliable.

  • Assured service

    LeasePlan’s novated leases guarantee full disclosure of every cost, making it easy for your employees to make informed choices and for you to be confident they are getting a fair deal. Our staff are there to help, not to upsell for commissions or bonuses. We provide monthly reporting to the driver and support their FBT obligations. We’ll provide assistance as the lease term approaches its end, and we reconcile operating costs at the end of the lease. If a driver leaves your employment, we will manage the reconciliation direct with them, removing the onus on you.



  • Product choice

    Include additional employee protection in your novated program with our Early Return Guarantee or Redundancy Protection options. The ‘early return guarantee’ allows drivers to simply hand the vehicle back to LeasePlan along with a fee of $110 when employment ceases for any reason (conditions apply). The ‘redundancy protection’ feature provides three months rent-free if the employee is made redundant involuntarily. If they remain unemployed after three months, they can return the vehicle to LeasePlan and walk away. If they find new employment, they must re-novate the remainder of the lease term with the new employer. 

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