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  • LeasePlan in the community

    LeasePlan is proud to have always been a strong supporter of the communities it works in. We have raised money and provided transport support to many charities and causes, and our staff across the country have enthusiastically engaged in all of these activities.

    Since 2003, we have organised all of our community efforts under the banner of ‘Carn the Kids’.

  • What is Carn the Kids?

    Carn the Kids combines Australia’s love of sports with our passion for helping kids who need it most. It is about giving fun days out to kids who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity. It also raises funds for some of the most respected kids' charities in the country. 

    Carn the Kids has visited every state and territory across Australia, hosting more than 100 events with over 25,000 kids and carers enjoying the fun. LeasePlan staff volunteer to be happy hosts at each event.


  • How it all started

    Carn the Kids started in 2003. We had just become the new major sponsor of the Western Bulldogs and met Australian Rules great, Bob Skilton, at a footy function and we discussed our history of engaging with kids' causes around the country. Bob was working closely with the Royal Children's Hospital and he convinced us it would be a great idea for us to use our new Bulldogs' partnership to take a group of 300 kids and their families out for a fun day at the footy to give them a break from the wards. Carn the Kids was up and running.

  • Community Partners

    Carn the Kids is made possible through partnerships LeasePlan has forged with generous, community-minded sporting clubs and hard-working kids' charities. Our current Carn the Kids events partners include:
    Major Partners
    • Melbourne Victory
    • GWS Giants
    Event Partners
    • Heart Kids
    • Camp Quality
    • Open Family Australia
    • Wesley Mission
    • Variety
    • Very Special Kids
    • Mirabel
    • Create
    • Mac Killop Family Services
    • Foster Care Angels
    • The Royal Childrens Hospital
    • Muscular Dystrophy Australia