• Open Calculation Operating Leases

  • Open Calculation with LeasePlan

    Open Calculation lets you pursue the lowest whole-of-life costs for your fleet. It enables true partnership between us, industry experts renowned for best-practice fleet-management principles, and you, the customer.

  • Open Calculation makes all costs visible and reconciled. It offers a clear breakdown of each and every element making up the overall lease cost for each vehicle, including:

    • Capital value of the vehicle, disclosing list and accessories prices less discounts
    • Interest rate
    • Lease term and kilometre distance
    • Budgets for scheduled servicing, tyres and registration
    • Lease residual value
    • Management fee

    See, manage and reduce your total fleet costs, without the associated risks.

  • Cost benefits

    You can track your actual fleet use, with savings achieved when your real costs are lower. Your path to true, at-cost fleet leasing.

    A risk-free share of any overall net surplus on the net profit on sale of vehicles as well as any operating cost surplus goes straight into your pocket. If there’s a loss on sale, this is absorbed by LeasePlan.

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