• Fleet Insurance

  • Insurance can represent up to 14% of your total cost of ownership (TCO) so LeasePlan doesn’t treat it as a simple add-on.  We combine competitive premiums, active prevention and easier fleet management.

    LeasePlan Total Cover (LPTC) is our comprehensive insurance product that has many features and benefits and can be packaged with any lease. We have a flexible approach that allows you to actively reduce your premiums.

    Fleet Vehicle Insurance

  • Fleet Accident Management

    The best way to lower insurance costs is to prevent accidents. We work in partnership with you on tracking and measuring driver safety and initiating prevention programs. We help you decrease the number of accidents, lower your insurance premiums, and reduce incidents of vehicles off the road.

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  • Fleet Roadside Assistance

    Vehicle troubles can occur for a range of reasons. A flat battery, puncture or even running out of fuel. Whatever the cause, it is never a convenient time. Find out about roadside assistance with LeasePlan.

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