• Fuel cards

  • Fuel card management

    LeasePlan can support all fuel management and fuel card services for your fleet. We negotiate excellent pricing to give your business reduced fuel costs, and we manage all fuel card administration, from distribution through to replacement and cancellation. 

    Our detailed reporting and analysis will help you find more ways to save and improve your business. We make it easy to track and improve your fuel efficiency - comparing the performance of individual vehicles and highlighting issues relating to poor fuel performance, and quickly spotting inaccurate odometer readings or unwarranted use of fuel cards.

  • Discounts

    Our static discount structures are delivered through an off-pump price reduction for clear and measurable cost savings across your fleet.

    Supplier partners

    To achieve maximum savings, whilst ensuring drivers have access to maximum geographical coverage, we offer fuel from Caltex, BP and Shell as they represent 80% of service stations across Australia.

  • Powerful systems

    Our comprehensive fuel reporting will give you access to accurate data on total fuel consumption, including fuel fill date, fill time, fuel type, and odometer readings. Exception reporting and analytics will highlight any anomalies to assist with the monitoring of policy compliance, including fuel fills within a time period, fills over tank capacity, non-fuel transactions and inconsistent odometer readings.

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    Dedicated customer service

    Fuel support is provided by our dedicated Customer Service team, who are readily available to provide assistance if/when required for drivers with any fuel card related queries and requests. 

  • Simple

    Drivers simply enter an odometer reading at every fuel fill, which is uploaded to LeasePlan’s system. This matches with fuel data that is regularly uploaded from our fuel partners to support the detailed management and reporting.

    No fees

    With LeasePlan fuel cards, we do not charge monthly card fees, multiple fuel card management fees or card replacement fees.

  • LeasePlan Supplier Finder tool

    Find the right LeasePlan supplier for all your cars needs – fuel, servicing, repairs, windscreens, tyres – they’re all here.

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