• Fleet management

  • Everything for your cars

    Bundling all of LeasePlan’s fleet management services in your lease increases the benefits. Great discounts, purpose-built systems, extensive national networks and genuine expertise are yours at every step. We know how to provide the best services for all your cars, trucks and equipment - keeping them on the road and your business running.


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  • Continuous Innovation

    We built our systems to allow us to continually innovate and add new and improved services that add value without adding too much cost:
    • Pool Car Management – the perfect online solution for better optimisation of pool cars and reducing effort
    • Telematics – partnerships that deliver high value hardware and software solutions to monitor and improve driver behaviour and car care
    • Risk management – continually evolving services to allow you to track and prevent accidents and incidents in your fleet. Read more
    • My LeasePlan – an app for our drivers. Read more