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  • Fleet management benefits

    Everything for your cars.

    There are lots of smart businesses associated with the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce (IACC), and there are lots of smart businesses partnering with LeasePlan to look after their cars.

    Cars are an essential part of keeping a business mobile but you need to make sure they are working for you without costing too much or slowing you down.

    Leasing is a business strategy that does just that.

    Free your capital, minimise risk, improve cash flow and include professional car management for essentials like fuel, tyres and maintenance.

    For a fixed monthly rental you get full use of the car - with essential running costs bundled in.

    We can also assist your employees to get a novated lease that includes pre-negotiated discounts, lots of tax savings and all the perks of a professionally managed car.

    Speak to Deirdre from LeasePlan at the next IACC event, or contact us on the details below.

    More information? See below.

    Or, call us on 132 572 (and press 5)

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  •  What are the benefits for my staff?

    LeasePlan is a credible partner for your business that will take good care of your valued staff without increasing your workload.

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      What are the benefits for my fleet?

    Reduce the risk and financial burden plus bundle all the associated vehicle services with LeasePlan. 

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