• Operating leases

  • Our operating advantages

    Operating leases are a proven ingredient in successful business planning – especially when it comes to vehicles, and especially when you partner with LeasePlan.

    Any LeasePlan operating lease solution will remove asset ownership and depreciation risk; ensure known, fixed operating costs; provide cash flow certainty around a significant business expense; and boost your balance sheets.

    Tell us a little about your business and we’ll put together the operating lease package that best suits you.

  • Even better with Open Calculation

    Operating leases are the best way to run your company fleet vehicles, and Open Calculation is the leading operating lease solution. Get the real picture on your fleet costs. Don’t pay more than you have to. Share in any profits and protect yourself from any loss. More reward and less risk.  Open Calculation ensures nothing is concealed or charged as a surprise addition. Not just on your initial quote, but throughout the lease term. 
    Open Calculation is for those who want to get the most from their partnership with LeasePlan. With fully disclosed cost elements, no hidden fees and charges, healthy discounts and no exposure to any loss – it’s easy to see why Open Calculation has been so popular for so many decades.
    Open Calculation is more cost effective than any other operating lease product on a lowest overall whole of life cost basis for you. Its unique feature is the annual settlement refund process where you directly benefit from actual cost savings and efficiency gains in the running of your fleet. We return to you a share of any overall net surplus on the net profit on sale of vehicles, plus a share of any operating cost surplus. Any overall net loss is absorbed by LeasePlan. 
    Want to know more about Open Calculation or our other leasing options for your business fleet?